Real Estate Law

Ensuring the legal security of real estate projects for individuals and companies.

Purchase and sale of real estate

B&tt Notaires assists its clients, both individuals and investors, in the purchase or sale of real estate.

The increasing complexity of cases requires specialised competence, while their diversity makes multiple skills essential.

Our multidisciplinary teams will support you throughout the purchase or sale process, in a French or international context, right up until you sign the final deed. This includes:

  • Drawing up an offer to purchase;
  • Preparing to sign an agreement to sell;
  • Understanding the tax implications of the operation, particularly with regard to real estate gains or tax on personal real estate assets;
  • Defining the terms for financing the purchase and the financial stakes of the investment;
  • Determining whether the purchase will need to be made in the name of an individual or via a company under French or foreign law and analysing the consequences of this from a tax and property point of view.

We encourage our clients to prepare well in advance for any sales process and assist them in organising their files and checking their completeness by setting up digital data rooms.

Urban planning and development

The specific characteristics of our geographical area give rise to the need for in-depth studies of records relating to planning permission (building and development permits, preliminary declaration of works or division, etc.) and the legality of building work. We thus carry out purchase and sales audits and provide legal consultation in various languages.

Professional and institutional property

The firm advises and assists its professional clients from the land purchase and operation set-up stage through to the resale of the property (choice of contractual set-up, analysis of risks and issues associated with urban planning, building and putting the property on the market…).


Our teams assist and support both private and professional clients in implementing their real estate financing applications.

Property tax

We provide our clients with our tax expertise, assisting them in determining the tax regime applicable to their transactions (value-added or transfer tax, real estate capital gains tax for individuals or professional bodies…) or selecting an appropriate tax system (commitment to resell, commitment to build, VAT liability…).

We also offer legal opinions on urban planning, the public domain, environmental law and wealth management to advise clients when buying or selling their real estate.

Family Law & Wealth Management

Supporting families, individuals and entrepreneurs in their wealth management decisions.

B&tt offers its clients a specific service to support them in all life events (marriage, PACS union, divorce, inheritance, transfer, adoption, joint ownership), defining wealth management strategies with them to bring out the value of their assets:

  • Civil and tax optimisation for family wealth transfers;
  • Advice prior to the acquisition of any assets, including with a view to their future transfer;
  • Reorganisation of family assets (legal and tax audits, sharing, donation, marriage contracts, change of matrimonial regime, PACS union, declaration of unseizability);
  • Transfer or sale of a company (retirement, Dutreil Pact and share retention commitment).

The firm offers detailed legal and tax audits for these purposes.

Corporate and Business Law

Advising and protecting companies and their managers in the holding, transfer and disposal of assets.

B&tt is involved in the following areas:

  • Drafting and updating the statutes of non-trading and commercial companies;
  • Purchase and sale of business capital;
  • Acquisition and sale of shares in companies;
  • Drawing up commercial property leases and business leasing agreements;
  • Contributions of capital to companies and partial withdrawals of assets;
  • Company dissolution and liquidation.

B&tt Notaires Associés also supports companies in managing their legal secretarial services (including minutes of general meetings), along with all legal formalities.

Rural & Wine law

Advising rural operators in all transactions concerning their agricultural property

Agricultural and viticultural activities have a particularly important place in the Var.

Important economic and financial issues centre around these activities, which are not immune to the complexity of the law and the abundance of regulations.

The specificity of wine-making activities requires knowledge of the most appropriate legal structures and related administrative procedures.

B&tt Notaires Associés supports its clients in organising their structure, studying the terms of transfer and guaranteeing their security during the transfer of their holdings.

International Law

Optimising and securing all cross-border transactions

Located at the heart of an international investment hub, B&tt has developed specific expertise in all kinds of cross-border transactions.

It offers clients a specific service to support them in:

  • Civil and fiscal optimisation of investments in France by non-residents;
  • Civil and fiscal optimisation of the transfer of assets comprising an international element;
  • Determining the law applicable to a matrimonial regime and the interest of drawing up a marriage contract in an international context;
  • Liquidation and sharing of assets in an international context;
  • Drawing up a will in an international context;
  • Settlement of international successions;
  • ISF and IFI declarations.

The B&tt Notaires Associés team works in French, English, Italian and Russian.